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Jessica Simpson body-shamed with horrible comments on swimsuit pic (PHOTO)

Jessica Simpson took to Instagram over the weekend to show off her latest swimsuit — the same one that Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been sporting recently — but the reaction to her picture has been horrible.

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Critics have come out to blast Simpson, saying she’s getting too old and referring to her body as “nasty” — perhaps people forget this is a woman who is 35 years old and has had two children.

Comments include, “Waist down looks funky,” “I’m sorry but her legs look distorted and odd. Too toned,” “Your legs look nasty,” and “Her legs are horrible. Sorry.”

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Other critics think the The Dukes of Hazzard actress should not be posing for pictures like this because they think she is “getting too old!,” “she looks mega old” and that the picture “Reeks of desperation.”

Another critic shared a similar opinion, writing, “… everything about this picture and so many others she posts is screaming an inability to let go of who she was – what she used to look like – and a desperate last attempt for attention. I’m sure she’ll be happier when/if/once she learns internal validation is the best form of self acknowledgement and self love [sic].”

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We get it: It’s a public platform, and that means there is bound to be people who are judgmental and overly critical of Simpson’s pictures. But the backlash is so unnecessary. Why can’t women just support women?

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