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Full House and 9 other quizzes you should have taken this week

This is not an exaggeration: You’ve never taken quizzes as hard as some of these.

Even I, an Entertainment Editor who spends 40+ hours a week reveling in everything Hollywood, couldn’t pass — or even get a decent score on — the quizzes our writers have whipped up. If you’re up for a challenge, start with the Full House quiz; that’s the one I completely bombed!

The hardest Full House quiz you’ll probably ever take (no, really…)

Good luck; these questions are seriously hard. While you may be disappointed by your score (I literally only got 4 right), you’ll know so many new fun facts about the show! Example: Full House wasn’t originally supposed to be the show’s name. Don’t worry, you got this, dude!

Which Kardashian or Jenner are you most like?

You may not really want the answer to this one… but it’s kind of interesting to find out, and it’s a pretty good quiz. I got Khloé and am apparently fun to be around.

Can you name the Benedict Cumberbatch movie from one still?

Cumberbitches, this one’s for you. It’s your chance to prove that you’re Benedict Cumberbatch’s true No. 1 fan. Plus, you get another excuse to stare at his beautiful hair, cheekbones and eyes (as if you needed one).

Justin Bieber vs. Ruby Rose: Guess that tattoo

Of the people who’ve taken this quiz, 70 have gotten 90-100%, and I have no idea how. I only got 3 questions right! But I do think there is a pattern, if you can figure it out.

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Mean Girls: How well do you really know the Plastics?

Can you infiltrate the Plastics without getting caught? I couldn’t. I was too ignorant to function.

Which Shonda Rhimes Shondaland Thursday character are you?

If only we could hole ourselves up in our living rooms and watch Shondaland Thursdays to get out of the summer heat. At least we can pass a couple minutes with this quiz. All the ladies you could possibly get rock — so are you most like Grey’s Meredith, HTGAWM‘s Annalise or Scandal‘s Olivia Pope?

Test your Grey’s Anatomy knowledge

Speaking of Shondaland, there have been so many hookups, breakups, emergencies and deaths in Grey’s 12-season run, it’s hard to keep them all straight. Are you up to the task of taking the hardest Grey’s Anatomy quiz on the Web?

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What’s your Mad Men style?

Yes, we’re still crying over the end of this amazing show. No, we’ll never get over it. Just take this darn quiz and throw yourself back into the ’60s.

How well do you know your classic novels?

We really hope you paid attention in school and read the books (and we don’t mean SparkNotes), because if you didn’t, you’re really going to fail this one. On the bright side, it might inspire you to run out and buy the books you never read. Reading Pride and Prejudice is a completely difference experience as an adult.

Test your Paper Towns knowledge before you see the film

Or test it after you’ve seen the film… you’ll probably get a better score that way.

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Which quizzes did you take? Share your scores and results below!

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