The Walking Dead fans shouldn't worry about Michonne and Morgan hooking up

Jul 24, 2015 at 6:24 p.m. ET
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Fear not, Michonne and Rick shippers: Morgan is probably not going to be a threat after all.

Everyone wants Michonne to finally have some love in her life. But with Morgan? Not so much. Most fans are firmly Team Michonne and Rick, and who could blame them when they make such a broody, sexy duo of walker-killing machines? In the world of the comics, there is definite sexual tension between Michonne and Morgan, though, especially on Michonne's end. Many fans are worrying the show might follow the lead of its source material. Fortunately, according to Danai Gurira (Michonne), the chances of Morgan and Michonne hooking up are slim.

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"When we think about the last time these two characters met... Michonne was weirded out," Gurira told Access Hollywood. "So she's kind of like... 'He's back in our lives and he did this weird thing to Rick.' So she's kind of on this weird path with him... because she doesn't know who he is. What she remembers is not something safe and not something comfortable."

When Michonne is freaked out by someone acting weird, you know that character has definitely gone too far. After all, Michonne has a high tolerance for unusual postapocalyptic behavior. She did have pet zombies at one point. It sounds like Michonne will be wary and watchful when it comes to Morgan, more than anything else.

It's not that Morgan isn't awesome. The guy is a total survivor who pulled himself back from the brink, and that's something Michonne can relate to. There's just not the same kind of chemistry between them as there is between Michonne and Rick. Those two have a quiet, smoldering hotness going for them. Who cares if they're not hooking up in the comics? That doesn't mean they wouldn't be awesome together on the show.

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Rick and Michonne

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Alas, Rick may not be an option in Season 6. He has, unfortunately, found himself smitten with Alexandria resident Jessie. (Seriously, Rick, look at your choices.) There's also the whole he-looks-like-he's-losing-it-a-little thing from the trailers.

Just because Rick and Michonne aren't happening in the immediate future, that doesn't mean fans should give up hope. The Walking Dead has never been great at moving romances along in a timely fashion — just look at Daryl and Carol — so Rick and Michonne's friendship could be the building block these two wounded leaders need to become a couple down the road. The real test will come when Morgan and Rick's feud divides the camp. If Michonne stands by Rick even when his closest allies are certain he bought himself a one-way ticket to crazytown, shippers can definitely take that as a good sign.

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The one thing everyone can agree on is that Michonne deserves nice things. It's bad enough the show killed off her BFF Andrea. They cannot take Rick from her, too. It's hard to get romantic in a postapocalyptic world, but Michonne deserves some happiness, and so does Rick. Even if Season 6 leaves fans with even more built-up Michonne/Rick tension, the hope that they are an endgame couple will never die — unless one of them becomes walker lunch.

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