Bill Cosby singing about uppers and downers will give you the creeps (VIDEO)

Hello pot, meet kettle.

Bill Cosby talking about the dangers of doing “pills” is the stuff of nightmares. Given the accusations from several woman that he drugged and raped them, using exactly the drugs he is warning against, this Grammy-winning (yes, I said Grammy-winning) album reads like a terrible, ominous warning.

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Bill Cosby Talks to Kids about Drugs was produced in 1971 and won a Grammy in 1972 for Best Recording for Children. It was meant to be a deterrent against using drugs, but seeing him in this light, still as America’s dad, it’s eerie to think about the things he was doing behind closed doors — which stand in stark contrast to the stern warning he is doling out on this album.

Cosby can be heard saying, “Do you think it’s fun to have to take a pill or to sniff something or to snort something or to shoot something in your arm to make yourself feel as a lot of people think ‘better’?”

A throng of young children yell, “No!”

It gets uncomfortably worse.

“OK, now let’s talk about pills… Now, some pills are called downers. So, if we take a downer, it kind of makes us feels sleepy. And we think we feel good.”

So. Uncomfortable. Right. Now.

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“There, you’re on a downer now. That’s not much fun, is it? You thought you were going to get high but you’re just very drowsy and sleepy and bumping into people. You don’t want to bump into people.”

The album wasn’t the only anti-drug public service announcement. Cosby was also the voice of this video decrying “speed.”

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