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Kristen Bell dubs ill girl a princess in super sweet Frozen voice mail (VIDEO)

Kristen Bell left the most unforgettable voice mail for a little girl with an inoperable brain tumor.

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Using her Frozen character’s voice of Princess Anna, Bell left the little 6-year-old a message she desperately needed to hear. And the family caught her every reaction on tape.

“Hi Avery, this is Princess Anna of Arendelle,” Bell says as her character. “I just wanted to call and say ‘Hello,’ so… Hello!”

To which Avery says “hello” back to one of her favorite princesses.

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“I hope you’re having a great day and playing a lot with Hoppy Jumpy. I love bunnies! Hold on… What’s that, Elsa?” Bell asks from a distance as if she’s put the phone down for a second. “Wow, OK, um, I’ll tell her! Um, Avery? My sister Elsa says that she’s heard that you’ve been such a good girl and that you’ve been so brave, she has decided to crown you as an honorary princess of Arendelle!”

Avery’s whole expression just lights up at this news. She’s so excited that she laughs and covers her hand over her mouth.

Avery’s parents have been chronicling their daughter’s journey on social media using the hashtag #AveryStrong.

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The video has already amassed over 60,000 views, and it was just published today.

Kristen Bell has yet to publicly comment on the voice mail or the impact it seems to have had on little Avery. But fans, of course, are blown away and moved by the gesture.

Check out the full voice mail and all of Avery’s adorable reactions to being dubbed a princess below.

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