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Amy Schumer reveals her heartbreak over Trainwreck Louisiana theater shooting

Our country is once again devastated in the wake of yet another shooting tragedy. Unsurprisingly, though, there’s one celeb who is taking the news especially hard: Amy Schumer.

No jokes are filtering through Amy Schumer’s Twitter page tonight. Only heartache. Just hours ago, a gunman walked into a showing of Schumer’s new flick, Trainwreck, and fired shots into the seated crowd. It should have been a calm, midweek date night. Instead, it’s marred in loss. As of right now, three people are confirmed dead (including the gunman) and seven are injured, some in critical condition.

Schumer immediately took to Twitter to share her sadness with her fans and followers, tweeting, “My heart is broken and all my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Louisiana.” See her heartfelt tweet below:

Details are still sketchy as to the identity of the shooter or his motives. As of right now, the only details local news stations are reporting are that the shooter was a white 58-year-old male. He came into the theater at about 20 minutes into the film, took shots with a handgun and eventually turned the weapon on himself. According to those in the building, his shots were heard in other theaters, the movie screens went black and movie-goers were ushered to the emergency exits.

Just like Schumer, we’re heartbroken over the news that another night in America has been ruined because of a senseless act of violence. We’re praying for everyone involved and we are hoping peace comes with the morning light.

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