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Chris Harrison’s comments about Shawn are very suspicious

Chris Harrison’s new interview about Shawn has us questioning where The Bachelorette is heading this season.

But it’s more about what Harrison doesn’t say than the deets he spills for the finale next week.

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The Bachelorette host told Us Weekly that Kaitlyn and Shawn had an immediate connection. “From the minute he got out of the limo, [they] just had this thing together and they’ve had this amazing romance. I think she wants to take care of Shawn. Even telling him about her thing with Nick, that was an odd attempt to take care of him, to be his caretaker. You can tell she deeply loves him.”

But Us Weekly and Harrison say nothing about Kaitlyn’s other man in the running, Nick Viall, which makes us think either Harrison is trying to throw everyone off the scent of the true winner, he’s given up since Kaitlyn already spilled the beans, or Us Weekly just didn’t include his comments about Nick.

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Either way, it’s strange that at this juncture so much focus is being put on Shawn before we’ve even seen Kaitlyn hand out her final rose.

Yet Harrison continues to gush about the personal trainer, “Shawn’s a great guy, but he has trust issues. His worst nightmare was realized when Kaitlyn sat him down and said, ‘Oh, by the way, I went too far with Nick.’ So understandably, he has these issues but these two guys love Kaitlyn dearly.”

But is Harrison saying he thinks Shawn loves her more?

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Even this season’s second runner-up thinks Kaitlyn will end up with Shawn. He told Us Weekly, “Shawn immediately knew that Kaitlyn is a woman he respected, that he is physically attracted to. His desire to get to know her more and more and more kept increasing and I saw it by being his friend in the house and hearing it and hearing him talk about it. I think there is very little doubt in Shawn’s mind that Kaitlyn in the type of woman he wants to be with.”

The even bigger questions: Who does Kaitlyn want to be with? Do you think she’ll give her final rose to Nick or Shawn?

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