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Candace Cameron Bure’s new TV gig is going to cause a ton of controversy

The View‘s lineup at the table is changing, again, and this time it might be its most implosive yet. Candace Cameron Bure is taking a seat, and we know she’s going to clash with at least one lady.

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Similarly to The View‘s acquisition of Raven-Symoné, it appears they’re continuing their search for younger, fresher voices for those table shouting matches. This time around, they’ve added Cameron Candace Bure from Full House. But can familiar faces from our childhood really turn The View from being our mom’s talk show to ours? Seems unlikely.

Things could get interesting, though. Symoné is notoriously vocal about everything, especially her liberal viewpoints. In direct opposition to Symoné, though, is Bure. Much like her brother, Kirk, Bure is a Christian and very conservative. She’s Symoné’s perfect foil and she’s, obviously, being viewed as the warm body set to fill the space left by The View‘s previous Republican, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

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Bure is’t the only new face, though. According to Variety, The View is also in final negotiations with GMA Weekend‘s anchor Paula Faris. According to their source (and the obvious), ABC is hoping Faris can serve as Barbara Walters’ younger replacement and serve as the more “journalistic” and unbiased voice of the table. If she takes the job, Variety suggests that she’ll take Fridays off and continue her job on Weekend.

So, if the final negotiations go through, what can we expect? Seems like things will be back to normal for The View. They’ll have a great, seemingly unbiased point of view. Plus, they’ll have found their polar opposites in the conservative Bure and liberal Symoné. It may not be smooth sailing, though. In order for their talent shift to work, two things need to happen. Firstly, older fans have to not feel alienated by the new, younger faces and voices. Secondly, those younger faces and voices have to resonate enough with younger television watchers to pull them into the mix as well. Will it work? Guess we’ll find out after the summer break.

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