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16 Products Kim Zolciak has shamelessly endorsed on Instagram

Social media is often a cruel place for Kim Zolciak.

We’ve been scratching our heads for a while now, trying to think of a reason why the reality star would continue to share posts of her personal life, considering the massive amounts of hate she gets. With people constantly bullying her about her looks online, why does she keep coming back for more?

But it finally dawned on us. While Instagram hasn’t been kind to Zolciak in many ways, it has been very kind to her in another: The woman must be making a ton of cash!

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A high percentage of Zolciak’s posts are dedicated to hawking a product or people. Check it out.

1. 310 Nutrition

310 Nutrition seems to be Zolciak’s bread and butter. She’s constantly flaunting her figure and posting recipes in the name of endorsing the company’s magical shakes.

2. Lyfe Tea Teatox

Zolciak isn’t alone in this endorsement. The likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Lea Michele have been photographed with the product as well.

3. Simon Ourian, MD and Coolaser
Do you think she gets free treatments for her Insta posts?

4. Express Smile Atlanta
Zolciak’s loyal Instagram followers even get a special KimZ discount code for teeth whitening with this post!

5. Dr. Lenny Hochstein

They don’t call him the “boob God” for nothing!

6. Aminah Abdul footwear

In all fairness, those sandals are super cute.

7. Singleton Marine in Buford

A girl’s got to get a discounted Sea-Doo.

8. Pink Mink fake eyelashes

Zolciak doesn’t mind posting pictures of her peepers to sell some faux lashes.

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9. and 10. FabFitFun box and Tarte
Zolciak got a two-for-one when she managed to work in a sly nod to Tarte in this one.

11. Lilly Ghalichi fake eyelashes

So we guess she didn’t sign an exclusivity eyelash agreement since she’s also hawking for Pink Mink.

12. Aesthetic Specialty Centre and Ultherapy

In addition to the Coolaser, Zolciak says she also keeps her skin looking good with Ultherapy.

13. Marlee Ro

Baby Biermans are getting in on the loot, too!

14. JaxHoo

Baby shoes for days!

15. Coca-Cola

She’s got to put that Teatox to work somehow.

16. NoWaistClique

Zolciak joined the controversial waist training trend this year and got a lot of hate for it, too.

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