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TLC makes bold statement by canceling Amy Duggar’s wedding special

Not only has TLC decided to officially cancel 19 Kids and Counting, but they won’t air anything related to the Duggars currently.

The network made this bold statement by canceling their plans to air Amy Duggar’s wedding as a special program outside the 19 Kids and Counting series schedule.

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Her fiancé Dillon King reportedly confirmed the news on Instagram, explaining, “TLC [called] us yesterday stating they have decided that they will NOT be filming our wedding and they are ‘glad they got to work with us.’ So, Amy and myself apologize that we will not be able to share our special day with you all on the TLC network.”

King clearly isn’t pleased by the news, adding, “Voice your opinion to [the] network,” according to RadarOnline, though it appears that post has since been removed.

And neither is Duggar. She pinned this tweet following the announcement.

But King and Duggar seem to be attempting to move on. They have replaced news of the canceled TLC wedding with an update that the couple has started their own YouTube channel.

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“YouTube channel has been started,” King wrote. “Be sure to go subscribe for upcoming videos, updates and crazy stuff that will only be posted on the channel.”

No word yet if the couple plans to share intimate details of their wedding on the channel, but it would make sense given the recent news.

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Amy and Dillon aren’t the only members of the Duggar clan still reeling over the 19 Kids and Counting cancellation.

A source close to the Duggars told People, “I think Jim Bob and Michelle [Duggar] honestly did expect people to just move on from this. Their thinking is, they put this [the scandal] behind them ages ago, so why wouldn’t the rest of the world?”

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