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Miley Cyrus slammed for being ‘disgusting’ over new armpit hair pic (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus is known for her controversial antics and eccentric appearance — including her armpit hair — but on Wednesday, the pop star decided to do something about her hairy armpits.

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Taking to Instagram, the “We Can’t Stop” singer posted a picture of herself getting a wax, and while a lot of fans are thrilled that she’s finally removing her hair, it’s what she did next that has really grossed them out.

First, Cyrus shared a picture of herself getting a wax, along with the caption,” R.I.P P.I.T.”
Then, she shared a picture of the results, showing a strip of wax covered with hairs. She captioned the snap, “Ew #rip #pit @bradpitt” — and it’s eww indeed.

Fans are not impressed one bit, with comments including, “why would you post something like that ??,” “Eww she had all that in her pit?! Wtf #nasty,” “@mileycyrus you are so disgusing!!!!! [sic],” and “ewwww.”
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But if you thought that was the worst of the pictures, you are sadly mistaken. It’s the next picture, of her used wax strip, covered in hair, on someone’s head — that someone looks to be Wayne Coyne — that has really caused a stir.

The usual comments like “Ew wtf” and “this is too far” can be found on the post, but there are also those who really want Cyrus to just “be a grown up [sic].”
One angry fan wrote, “@mileycyrus I understand that you think being weird is cool and embrace it and love it whatever and you’re a ‘role model’ for lesbians and gays and whatever but honestly show some class and stop being disgusting. This is taking it too far no one needs to know that you have armpit hair. No one cares you take things too far. You need to know how to use your filter be a grown up [sic].”

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Do you agree with the commenters that these photos are gross? Is it time Miley Cyrus grows up? Or do you think she should just be left alone?

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