Jennifer Garner’s privacy invaded during an emotional call

Paparazzi recently snapped Jennifer Garner taking a very emotional phone call — but do we really need to see stars crying in real life for our entertainment?

Garner, who is in the midst of a divorce from husband of 10 years, Ben Affleck, was recently spotted outside of her restaurant in Atlanta taking what appeared to be a very emotional phone call. Pacing, holding her hand over her mouth and with a very dour expression on her face, the star looked on the verge of tears — and one photographer caught every minute of it.

But is it news? Well, no. It could have been anything. She could have been discussing a production issue with the director of an upcoming movie she’s currently filming in the area, or talking to the nanny about the giant mess made by the new puppy Ben Affleck delivered to the kids (true story), or, since it was outside of her own restaurant, having a deep discussion with her favorite vineyard about the rosé shortage. Any of these things are possible topics of conversation that would leave Garner looking emotional during the phone call, and none of them are newsworthy.

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However, since the actress is currently in the middle of a split with her even more famous husband, her probably-innocent-but-definitely-private moment is being turned into tabloid fodder.

With this kind of scrutiny, it’s no wonder her marriage didn’t last. How can any couple deal with the constant pressure of the presence of the paparazzi, especially while at the same time dealing with the types of rumors that dogged the two for years, including reports of Affleck’s cheating and gambling problem.

We say leave pics like these where they belong: on the cutting room floor.

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