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Piers Morgan attacks Nicki Minaj and ‘Black Twitter’ in op-ed piece

Piers Morgan will never learn.

In his latest edition of “Open Mouth, Insert Foot,” the disgraced CNN reporter took to the interwebs to voice his opinion in regard to the recent Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift feud.

In an op-ed written for the Daily Mail, Morgan denounces Minaj (over and over) for her Tuesday tweet-fest about not being nominated for Video of the Year in the recent MTV Video Music Awards nominations.

Morgan lists the reasons Minaj was snubbed because she is “a) black and b) not skinny enough.” He says, “The target of her tempestuous tirade was self-evidently Taylor Swift, who did get nominated in the Video of the Year category, along with 8 other nominations, and is both white and skinny.”

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Morgan began his piece by thoroughly trying to discredit Minaj by claiming she has a bad attitude and didn’t take a picture with his kids. He unbelievably referred to her as a “stroppy little piece of work.” Well, that isn’t offensive (read: sarcasm).

While what he says about Minaj is completely uncalled for, by far the most offensive thing he discusses is “Black Twitter.”

He says, “… Taylor was promptly eaten alive on social media by the self-styled ‘Black Twitter’ — a very large, vocal and aggressive social media group of mainly black Americans who collectively leap on any perceived racial insult or bias to expel their indignation.”

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He tried to qualify the fact that he knew firsthand that “Black Twitter” exists by claiming he has been the victim of their attacks himself.

He said, “I myself also ran foul of Black Twitter yesterday when I responded to the current popular activist hashtag ‘#BlackLivesMatter’ by tweeting ‘#ALLLivesmatter.'” He was dubbed a “white supremacist” by commenters and, quite frankly, given this incoherent tirade and despicable use of language, he doesn’t help his case in not looking like one.

He further puts Minaj down, saying, “I have no sympathy for Nicki Minaj, who emerges as a whiny brat that just doesn’t like losing. Her charge of racism and big-bodyism are frankly laughable when you consider that three of the five nominations for Video of the Year are black artists.”

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In the end, Morgan showed his true colors and his article is just as racist as he warned “Black Twitter” it would be.

The only thing Morgan proved is that he has a serious lack of understanding of Twitter, racism and the definition of “raging.”

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