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Kris Jenner might not be on the show but she’s still cashing in on I Am Cait

Caitlyn Jenner may not want her ex involved in her new reality show.

But that isn’t stopping Kris Jenner from getting her piece of the I am Cait action.

As you’ll know, Kris is her children’s manager — or momager, as she likes to be known — and she secretly brokered a deal for her girls to make appearances on the new docuseries chronicling Caitlyn’s life.

And with the closing of that deal comes her commission. And maybe just a little revenge.

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An inside source told Radar Online, “Caitlyn was adamant from the very beginning that she did not want Kris involved whatsoever with her show.” Which is a good thing, since “Kris didn’t want to be on the show anyways,” the insider said. But true to Kris form, she wasn’t going to take being told what to do lightly.

Kris’ deal for daughters Kendall, Kylie, Kim, Kourtney and Khloé will net her a 20 percent commission for each of the five deals. The source explains, “It was the best revenge for Kris, and she was laughing, literally, all the way to the bank.”

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That payday has to make up for a bit of the sting she must’ve felt missing out on her portion of Caitlyn’s $5 million paycheck, since she is no longer Jenner’s rep. Cait’s deal was the largest ever inked by E!, an insider told Radar Online, and it makes Kris steaming mad. They said, “No one is allowed to mention Caitlyn’s deal around Kris because it just makes her so angry.”

Having been married to Jenner for so many years as well as being the former Olympian’s manager, she “feels she should be given a cut of the paycheck.”

Since the high-profile couple broke up well before Caitlyn was publicly known as Caitlyn, do you think Kris deserves a piece of the Caitlyn pie? Do you think her hard feelings are warranted? Let us know in the comments.

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