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Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s throwback anniversary pic shocks fans (PHOTO)

Former 19 Kids and Counting stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently celebrated 31 years of marriage, and they posted a throwback picture to commemorate the big day.

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Taking to the Duggar Family Instagram page, the couple’s children uploaded the photo, which shows a very young Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar wearing formal wear. The picture — which is believed to be from their first date — was captioned with, “Happy 31st Anniversary, Dad & Mom! We love you!”

While most of the comments are very positive and a lot of fans are thrilled the reality TV couple have shared so many years of marriage together, there are a lot of people who are really shocked about how young they were when they got hitched.

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“They look like mere children here! How old were they in this picture?” one commenter wrote. Others agreed, with comments including, “they WERE teenagers when they married lol. She was 17, he was 19,” “They look so young!” and “Innocence lost, memories tarnished.”

Fans might be shocked, but the couple are thrilled, as they took to their blog to share their wedding anniversary wishes for each other. Jim Bob’s message includes, “The greatest blessing of my life was 31 years ago, on July 21, 1984 when Michelle married me. She is the virtuous woman that Proverbs 31 talks about. She is the ultimate wife and mother and I love her more and more each day.”

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And as for Michelle, she thanked her husband for being her lifelong companion.

“You are my best friend and encourager, my most faithful prayer partner and my life [sic] long companion & love,” she wrote.

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