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I Am Cait: 12 Things we didn’t expect in the premiere

The premiere of I Am Cait surprised me in so many ways, and all of them were positive. This is the uplifting reality TV we’ve been waiting for, and here’s why.

1. Caitlyn’s candidness

Caitlyn doesn’t hold anything back from the show. It seems nothing is off limits, and we’ve only just seen the premiere episode. Caitlyn talks about everything from her children to life in the limelight to what she sees for the rest of her life. It is this honesty that will, no doubt, carry the show for all eight episodes. From the looks of the season preview, we’ll even get a sneak peek at her love life now!

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2. Caitlyn’s fear about her family

There is a moment when Caitlyn is talking to her sister and mentions that a family member coming out as transgender has ruined some families in the past. And that’s the last thing Caitlyn wants for her family. This is before she has “met” all of her children as Caitlyn, so it’s a fear she’s harboring close to her heart. And we feel it with her. No one should have to worry that being his or her true self will ruin the love and special bond a family shares. Luckily, we know how Caitlyn’s family has handled it, and we couldn’t be more impressed.

3. Caitlyn’s children

Caitlyn gets surprisingly frank about how her family is handling the transition. She says that Rob and Khloé took it the hardest. The fear that she only wants to make them proud is palpable. It is the moments when Caitlyn is talking about her children throughout the show that feel the most honest and definitely tugged at our heartstrings the hardest.

4. Kylie’s cuteness, in particular

Kylie meets Caitlyn as Caitlyn for the first time after just having dental surgery. When we see Kylie on Instagram, it’s a 17-year-old girl who is living in social media fame that is way too old for her. But seeing her on the show reminded us all that she’s practically a kid. In her innocence — and through her grogginess — her “You look pretty!” reaction to seeing her dad was perfect. Then Kylie comes to Caitlyn’s house to meet her dad as a woman in person, and she handles it like it’s nothing, which is amazing! She gives Caitlyn some of her signature teal hair extensions, and the two laugh and have fun like this is how it’s always been.

5. The cause

Caitlyn has been saying all along that she wants to use her transition as a platform, but it wasn’t until the premiere that we really got it. Caitlyn recognizes that as a public figure, she has a voice, and she feels the heavy responsibility, in a beautifully humble way, to use that voice to help children struggling with gender identity.

6. Caitlyn’s beauty

She is gorgeous. Like, staggeringly beautiful. (And it’s the inside radiating out.) Even in the first scene, when she is up in the early hours of the morning without any makeup, she looks amazing. It’s cute, too, because she comments about being worried about her appearance. Let me just say, girl, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

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7. Caitlyn’s clothes

Yeah, she’s been rocking some seriously stunning outfits. But Caitlyn has a whole new closet of sexy things that any woman would absolutely die for! And designers are showering her with new outfits for her to flaunt. In fact, in the premiere episode, she gets rid of all the old clothes that she wore as Bruce and makes fun of her horrendous style decisions. Kim adds a few quips in there, too! But Caitlyn — Caitlyn has got it going on in the style icon department.

8. Caitlyn’s ease

Her comfort and easy smile throughout the episode just bring to light how at home she finally feels within her own skin. Do you remember seeing Bruce on Keeping Up With the Kardashians? He always seemed out of place somehow. But Caitlyn owns the show without even trying.

9. Kanye’s appearance

Uh, can we just say that Kanye showing off his sock shoes to Caitlyn’s sister was definitely one of the most enjoyable parts of the episode? More of that, please. E!, take note: We want that Kanye.

10. Caitlyn’s mom

Seeing Esther Jenner’s struggle was empowering. It was so obvious that it was important for her to understand what Caitlyn was going through and what that meant for her life. Yes, it was hard. But those tears were of a mother who loved her child with all she has. She is absolutely the hero of the premiere episode, and I suspect she’ll be one of the most rewarding parts of the show.

11. The emotion

I get it, it’s reality television, so some of the moments are obviously staged. But Caitlyn’s tears and emotional moments in I Am Cait got me right in the feels. Because even though a show may set up the scenes, the way things play out within that scene are authentic. There’s no faking those emotions in the premiere episode (I really, really hope). It’s beautiful.

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12. The enjoyment

Of course I Am Cait was going to be successful whether it was actually a good show or not, and we were going to tune in one way or another. But the premiere proved that this is different from other reality television. This series is bold, breathtaking and just downright thrilling to watch.

Did you think the I Am Cait premiere lived up to expectations?

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