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Blake Shelton’s tweet post-divorce announcement is typical but insensitive

The world’s collective heart broke in the wake of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s announcement of their divorce.

And since then, we have waited with bated breath to see who would say what and when on social media. The wait is now over. Blake Shelton has broken his silence. On Tuesday, Shelton tweeted out 140 characters that give us a glimpse into how he is handling this very public and heartbreaking breakup: with sweat and alcohol.

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So, basically, Blake Shelton is handling his breakup the same way the rest of us do: By going to the gym and sweating it off and then drowning his sorrows in the bottle.

He tweeted out, “Just got off the treadmill. This calls for a drink. Bitch…”

Now, before you run off and think that last part is some shade for Miranda (like I did), he often includes that at the end of his tweets. I guess you could say it’s his signature?

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And when one fan ribbed him about finding it funny he was on a treadmill, Shelton had the most perfect response, showing his sense of humor is still intact, even if his heart is shattered.

The question now is when will Miranda break her silence?

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