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Lamar Odom comes out of hiding to do one last thing for Khloé Kardashian

Lamar Odom took his head out of the sand long enough to finalize a split that’s been two years in the making.

Odom and Khloé Kardashian separated amid reports of his rampant drug use and infidelities, but he avoided signing divorce papers for so long that Khloé’s petition was in danger of being tossed out of court.

But now, our once-favorite reality TV marriage is truly almost done: Odom finally stepped up and signed the divorce papers. According to TMZ, the documents were filed on Friday, and all that’s left is for a judge to approve.

So what finally motivated him to put ink to paper? Supposedly, he couldn’t handle that Khloé had moved on with other men.

Lamar was really hurt and felt like Khloé had no respect for him after she was out in public with James Harden,” a source told Us Weekly. “He just kept seeing her with different guys and that was it for him. French was at least a relationship, but here she was with another guy.

“He finally came to his senses and told her he wanted out and signed the papers,” the source added. “He confronted her about James and she went to Vegas to see him while she was out there with James and they got it done. He just wanted out.”

That’s rich coming from a guy who allegedly cheated on Khloé multiple times during their marriage while on drug benders.

Not that Khloé is crying in her rosé or anything at this point. While her heart was definitely broken by the split, she seems to have moved on quite admirably and just announced she is working on a new project for the FYI network.

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Here’s wishing Khloé peace as this chapter of her life finally comes to a close.

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