Bobby Flay reportedly kicking ex-wife out of her home in latest divorce details

Bobby Flay might know how to cook up some mean eats, but the details of the recent settlement in his bitter divorce are just mean.

The settlement details are so cold, they might leave March literally out in the cold!

The deal, which is the culmination of a bitter public divorce battle over the last few months, states that Flay gets to keep both the couples’ homes. But in a small ray of light, he will pay ex Stephanie March more than the $5,000 their prenuptial agreement laid out due to March’s ability to fight the agreement in court.

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A source close to Radar Online stated, “He will keep the house in Amagansett and the Manhattan apartment. Stephanie has to leave the Manhattan apartment at a specified date in the next few months.”

Wait it gets worse. An insider also told Page Six, “She has been staying there with her mother, who has been in poor health. It has been a very difficult time for her. It is unclear what her future living arrangement will be as she continues to care for her mother.”

Ouch. Not to paint Bobby Flay as a bad guy, but that’s some bad PR, man.

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The former Law & Order: SVU star claimed that Flay had a myriad of affairs including with Mad Men star January Jones — who it’s also rumored he had a baby with. March also claims that Flay has carried on an affair within assistant Elyse Tirrell, who apparently is currently getting cozy at Flay’s house in the Hamptons.

Radar’s source said the reason the Food Network star agreed to pay more money than the prenup lines out “wasn’t due to Bobby’s desire to do the right thing, but his fear of being exposed [as a cheater].”

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