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Scott Disick’s latest gig is costing him all his fans (PHOTOS)

Scott Disick’s latest social media move was definitely the wrong one.

The partying ex of Kourtney Kardashian has been on a nightlife rampage since his split with his reality-star girlfriend over the 4th of July weekend. But rather than support his singledom, fans are turning on the self-proclaimed Lord Disick until he gets some much-needed help.

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The dad of three has already been in and out of rehab multiple times. But now that his relationship has ended, it seems Disick has given up on getting help at all and is just going crazy. His partying ways have taken him from the South of France to Florida, and now he’s heading to Vegas.

He promoted his upcoming appearance at 1OAK on Monday and it turned into an all-out fan uproar, as people were quick to call foul. Not only because he canceled his last two appearances at the last minute, but because his clubbing plans just further prove the newly single playboy is in need of some professional help for his partying ways.
“F***ing loser,” one commenter said. “Go take care of your kids.”

Another chimed in, “The only thing I want is to win a chance to kick you lily ass, Pole smoking loser!” [sic]

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Other popular comments include “Ew,” “gross” and “#lorddouchebag.”

And then there was Twitter.

It’s hard not to think Disick is all but begging for the negative publicity with his recent actions. He’s been in the spotlight long enough to know that when the public thinks you’ve abandoned your kids and your family, the last thing you should be doing is promoting your partying ways.

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But on the flip side, it could also be Disick’s misplaced cry for help, since he clearly can’t successfully help himself by getting the professional treatment he needs.

Do you think Disick needs to check back into rehab?

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