RHONY Ramona Singer bravely discusses low, near-suicidal moment in her life

Jul 21, 2015 at 12:56 p.m. ET
Image: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.com

If you've seen five minutes of RHONY, you know that Ramona Singer always likes to make it seem like everything is hunky-dory in her life. So, it's pretty damn surprising — and impressive — that she just admitted to wanting to "throw herself in front of a subway train" shortly after her ex-husband Mario's cheating scandal came to light.

With the risk of sounding harsh, sometimes it's hard to figure out what The Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer was more in love with: Her husband, Mario, or the idea of her husband, Mario. You certainly don't need a Ph.D. to know that Ramona absolutely loved parading her husband — and their "perfect" marriage — around.

In fact, there were even a few occasions when she threw it in the face of someone who was already down. (Remember that super uncomfy lunch between Ramona and LuAnn a few seasons ago, where she talked about how fortunate she was to have a husband who loves her, as opposed to one who "cheats on her left and right"? Ugh!) So, it's come as a fairly big shock this season to see Ramona let her guard down once in a while and admit that she's broken up about her failed marriage. But, even more of a shock? Some of the downright terrifying admissions she makes in her new memoir, Life on the Ramona Coaster.

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According to Radar Online, in her book, Ramona writes, "The stress of everything became unmanageable and it began to wreak havoc on my mind, body and spirit. There were times when I was so low that I almost felt like throwing myself in front of a subway train."

The "emotionally broken" reality TV star also admits that, to deal with things, she began taking anti-anxiety medication — to a dangerous degree. Apparently, during a Broadway performance of Kinky Boots, Ramona "kept nodding off because [she] was taking too much anxiety medication." She confessed, "I didn't realize it at the time, but I was overmedicating myself to combat depression."

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When things first began coming to light about Mario's affair, Ramona tried to act like everything was OK — especially when she was being filmed. In fact, during last year's RHONY reunion, when Andy Cohen asked her about her marriage (which clearly was falling apart), she remained staunch that everything was on the up and up at home. It wasn't until things became completely undeniable that Ramona finally copped to things being wrong. Case in point:


But back to her admissions. You can think what you want of Ramona (and people certainly do!), but there's no denying that she went through something incredibly difficult. Infidelity is never an easy thing to deal with — it must be so much more worse and inescapable when you have to deal with it in the public eye. So, the fact that Ramona's not only admitting that she wasn't OK, but that she contemplated taking her own life, is big. She let her gigantic brick wall down, and that's a huge step on the road to healing. Also, hopefully, others who are suffering from similar demons can find peace in the fact that Ramona got through this, and she's all right.

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Of course, after the Radar Online article, though, there are tons of nasty comments about Ramona, claiming this is simply a means to garner sympathy (go have a read, if you dare). But, I say, no matter what Ramona's motivation is for this, it's a step in the right direction. Admission — regardless of the impetus — is always the first step, right? I'm pulling for you, Ramona.

Do you think Ramona Singer is on the road to recovery?