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11 TV story lines a female character would have never survived

We at SheKnows believe women are capable of anything. If a man can do it, we can do it. (With the exception of killing that bathtub spider. Because no.) That doesn’t mean the entire world accepts this, however. Think back on your favorite male-led shows. What would happen if the leads were women? Many television viewers would think entirely differently about them.

We pondered some of our favorite shows, characters and story lines and realized a gender-swap would have probably killed the show. Think about it.

Friday Night Lights

If Coach T were a woman, Dillon would have had a conniption fit. The whole town would have speculated that she was probably lesbian (or preying on their sons… but probably just gay). When she was tough, parents would have whined about how she needed to have a heart. When she was sympathetic, it would have been another reason why girls don’t belong in football.

Coach TImage:

House of Cards

If Frank Underwood were a woman she’d just be looked at as a conniving, power-hungry bitch. It would no longer be cool or badass. And even plenty of women would decide her toughness and her tenacity were somehow giving a bad name to women everywhere.

Zoe Barnes diesImage:

The West Wing

If President Bartlet were a woman, the show would have been called Madam President and never lasted. *cough-hatersgonnahate-cough*

President BartlettImage:

Full House

If Danny, Joey and Uncle Jesse were women, the entire series would have changed. People would have been concerned about who offered the “firm hand of a father.” Sure, Steph would have had a mom to take her to the Honey Bee sleepover, but not a dad for the father-daughter dance. Their mother would either have to spend five or six seasons mourning before considering dating or she’d have to get married immediately, so she didn’t have to (oh God no!) leave home for work.

Uncle JesseImage:


If it were the Winchester girls, actually not much would change. But would anyone watch without Sam and Dean?

Sammy and DeanImage:

How I Met Your Mother

If Barney and Ted were women? Oh Lord. Barney wouldn’t be the affable womanizer. She’d be a slut. And Ted would be practically Austenian. But we have enough shows about seemingly desperate single women, and Ted’s obsession would suddenly seem creepy and pathetic if worn by a girl.

Ted and BarneyImage:


If Miles and Frasier were sisters, their petty quibbles would no longer be hysterical. People would look at them as catfights. They’d decide it was either a true or terrible representation of women, depending on how sexist they were.


The Big Bang Theory

If the scientists were girls, a whole lot of interesting things would happen. Sheldon would be a prude. They’d either band together for their own good and be viewed as a clique, or stay remote and self-serving and be seen as spinsters. They’d be ignored and scoffed at but lusted over at the comic book store. And (yeah, I’ll go there) harassed and bullied when playing video games.


Mad Men

If Don were a female, her actions would be inexcusable. Her character would be just as loathsome as Draper’s, but she’d be infinitely more unforgivable. Because she’s a woman and she should stand by her man.

Don DraperImage:

The Flash

If Barry were suddenly turned into a woman, comic nerds would have a hissy fit over ruining the integrity of their favorite comic. (We’re glaring at you, Lady Thor haters!)

The FlashImage:

The Last Man on Earth

If Phil were a woman and suddenly first one dude and then two more appeared, she’d start locking her door for fear of being raped. Not that it would happen. Just that she’d have been raised to be more concerned about her safety than a man.

Last Man On EarthImage:

Some shows could definitely be improved by women. We just have to convince the general, close-minded public.

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