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Josh Duggar’s sisters have big plans post-TLC cancellation

Just when you thought we were done with the Duggars, it looks as though they’re teaming up with TLC on a special documentary highlighting child sex abuse.

Little is known about the documentary so far. As a matter of fact, nothing has even been officially announced. However, People is reporting that sources at TLC have told them all about the next partnership between the Duggar family and TLC.

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We knew their partnership wasn’t finished just yet. Upon TLC’s announcement that they were canceling 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggar family quickly released a long-winded and somewhat confusing statement. In it, however, they also made mention of another project already in the works, adding that they “look forward to working with TLC” and “hope that it is an encouragement to many.” In TLC’s announcement, they did also mention that a child sex abuse documentary was in the works, but they hadn’t mentioned it would directly relate to the Duggars, however.

Now, it seems, TLC has found another way to exploit television’s biggest family. People reports that two of Josh Duggar’s victims, his sisters Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard, will appear in the documentary. According to People‘s sources, the network will partner up with multiple organizations that specialize in advocating for child sex abuse victims as well as victims of rape and incest.

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News broke of Josh’s sexual altercations earlier this year, though they actually happened several years ago. After rumors flew and the media frenzy reached ultimate heights, the Duggars took to Fox to share their first post-scandal interview. In it, they claimed Josh received “counseling” by leaving the family for the summer and working with a friend’s construction agency. During the interview, Seewald and Dillard both spoke with Fox and expressed their forgiveness of their brother and eagerness to put the whole thing aside. Then, after waffling on a decision for several more weeks, TLC finally canceled the much contested show that made the Duggars famous, 19 Kids and Counting.

Hopefully, this Duggar-backed documentary offers more and better counseling than praying and working away a sex abuser’s issues. Perhaps TLC and the Duggar sisters can work together to shine better light on the proper way to console a sexual assault victim post-abuse.

We’ll just have to watch and see.

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