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Reign‘s new characters may destroy everything Mary’s built

Reign Season 3 adds three new men to the cast — and they could all be bad news for Mary.

Reign Season 2 ended with Catherine hatching a plot with Queen Elizabeth to unseat Mary for good, while Francis continued to conceal his condition in hopes Mary would become pregnant and keep herself safe with an heir before he dies. That leaves Season 3 wide open for more delicious plotlines about the unrest at Court, and thanks to The Wrap‘s exclusive casting scoop, we have a better idea of what lies ahead. A prince, a pirate and an ambassador are all set to play a role in the latest round of castle intrigue as the battle between Mary and Catherine intensifies.

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Up first is Nick Lee (The Fall), who is set to star as Nicholas, a “charming” man appointed by Queen Elizabeth to be England’s ambassador to France. With Catherine hiding out with Queen Elizabeth in England, it is no surprise that Nicholas will be playing the role of spy. Furthermore, he is harboring a mysterious personal grudge against Mary, making him all the more dangerous, especially since Mary has not yet figured out Catherine is pulling strings in England.

The next guy in the lineup is Ben Geurens (Nikita) as Don Carlos, a suave Spanish prince who will no doubt drive the ladies of Mary’s court wild. Don Carlos sounds very much like a subplot character meant to keep Mary’s close friends busy (and distracted) while the real action happens elsewhere. There is one interesting tidbit about Don Carlos, though: According to The Wrap, he has “very specific sexual taste.” Interestingly, there was a Spanish prince named Don Carlos, and he was mad and sadistic — his sexual proclivities were violent, so if the show is drawing some inspiration from the real prince, this could get ugly fast. Please don’t let this mean Reign is introducing its own version of Ramsay Bolton.

Finally, relative newcomer Saamer Usmani will be playing the role of Martin, a pirate who casually plays games with the monarchs. He is also a womanizer; although, from the description, it doesn’t sound like the women will mind sharing him. Will Mary end up tangled up with Martin? Or is he just going to pester Bash and Francis? His interest in riling up those in charge points to trouble.

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All three characters are recurring, but their addition to the cast suggests the world of Reign is growing larger and more dangerous in Season 3. These three men descending on the Court is only going to cause more disruption, and each one of them could pose a threat to the stability of Mary’s rule in their own way. They are all handsome, but beneath those gorgeous faces are three men who are up to no good.

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Reign Season 3 premieres Oct. 9 on The CW.

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