Sister Wives fans are freaking out over Meri Brown's cryptic tweet

Jul 20, 2015 at 4:35 p.m. ET

The Sister Wives star Meri Brown has a history of posting things on Twitter that send fans of the reality TV show into a tizzy of concern and fear.

And on Sunday night, Brown sent the Twittersphere spinning on its head once again with her cryptic tweets. She posted, "Having faith in the unseen can be so hard sometimes. Gotta just pull up your bootstraps and deal. And trust. Always trust."


Brown, of course, is a member of the polygamist family that stars in one of TLC's most controversial as well as most popular shows, Sister Wives. In the Season 5 finale, Brown revealed that she was making the bold and tactical decision to legally separate from the patriarch of the family, Kody Brown.

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The two have been married for 25 years. She explained that the reason for the split is so that one of the other sister wives, Robyn, could then legally marry Kody, bolstering his case for legally adopting Robyn's children from a previous marriage. Robyn is also pregnant with Kody's 18th child.

Fans immediate jumped to conclusions that something serious was wrong with Brown and began reaching out and asking if everything was all right.

Brown followed up the first message with an even more ominous tweet, saying, "Even just a small loss is a loss. Sometimes you wonder how you'll deal with something you've had, and now it's gone."


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The second tweet was clearly a little more troubling than the first, so folks were understandably concerned. Finally, though, Brown answered one lucky fan, saying, "I'm ok Dreamer. Thanks for checking. Just emotional I guess."


Well, we are glad she said she is all right, but could she be alluding to her emotional break mentioned at the end of Season 5? It has to be difficult to break up a 25-year legal marriage, even if the impetus is for what they think is the greater good.

Some have even speculated that Brown, as her children are now grown, might be headed down her own path, away from her family to pursue her own goals, but Brown has not given any concrete evidence this is where she is headed.

Finally, she added an exclamation point to the sentiment that she truly is fine, posting this photo essentially telling everyone to really just chill out.


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