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6 Problems with Kim Kardashian’s latest pregnancy update

Pregnancy should be a beautiful time in any woman’s life, whether she’s a celebrity or not, but some fans are starting to question Kim Kardashian’s motives when it concerns her impending bundle of joy.

Ever since the reality star announced her pregnancy and confirmed she was having a boy earlier this summer, the internet has speculated about the validity of her news and has come up with some interesting conspiracy theories regarding Kardashian’s pregnancy situation — including rumors that she’s faking her pregnancy and whispers that she’s not carrying the baby but is using a surrogate. As per usual, Kardashian isn’t letting the controversy get her down, and some of her recent social media musings are actually adding fuel to the fire.

Over the weekend, the middle Kardashian sister shared two postings that really got people talking.

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First, she tweeted a seemingly benign message about how far along she is and her weight gain.

Seems pretty innocent, right? Here are some things wrong with this tweet.

1. Kardashian reportedly underwent in vitro fertilization

US Weekly user comment

As the above Us magazine commenter points out, if Kardashian really underwent in vitro, she would know exactly when she conceived. “I could see a couple of days for the embryo to implant but not two weeks,” noted another commenter.

“She would have known the exact weeks, which she told a few weeks ago. Holy tamale. This woman is a pathological liar. Just my opinion,” added another person.

One woman confirmed the other commenters’ suspicions. “When you conceive via IVF, you know the exact date of conception,” the woman wrote. “I am exactly 19 weeks, 2 days pregnant today — I know this because I have to do IVF to conceive.”

Obviously, the lapse is making people wonder if Kardashian even really used IVF to conceive.

2. She’s beating her 20-pound weight gain to death

Us Weekly commenter

While it’s cool that Kardashian appears to be comfortable with the weight her body has taken on to support her pregnancy, some hypothesize it might be an effort to bring out the naysayers and create even more publicity for her and that she’s using her baby to leverage her fame.

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Shortly after yesterday’s tweet, Kardashian posted a photo of herself on Instagram with a caption claiming she uses a magical drug to help with her morning sickness.

The message accompanying the photo is under the guise of helping other women suffering from morning sickness, but not everyone believes Kardashian’s Diclegis plight is benevolent.

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3. It’s all for the money

Us weekly commenter

It’s clear Kardashian is getting paid for this post, and people feel it’s a little bit low for her to be profiting off her pregnancy in this manner. “The label on the bottle looks Photoshopped. I feel she just held a white bottle and said ‘someone sponsor me,'” said one internet user.

To be fair, lots of celebs hawk products for profit. The difference here is that Kardashian is profiting by selling a product to women who are in a particularly vulnerable situation.

4. She’s promoting a chemical drug

Us weekly commenter

A lot of people seem to be concerned that Kardashian is promoting pregnancy drugs, especially when there are more natural remedies for morning sickness. “I’m nauseous every day, but not vomiting,” noted one Us magazine reader. “I would never take anything, though. You steep some ginger and eat some saltines!”

5. The morning sickness vs. weight gain conundrum

Kardashian claims she’s gained quite a bit of weight in a fairly short amount of time, but she also says she has really horrific morning sickness. A common theme among women on the internet who are suffering, or have suffered, from morning sickness is that they had a heck of a time keeping weight on, let alone gaining it.

We’re not saying Kardashian doesn’t have morning sickness, because it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that she does and has still managed to gain weight, but if she doesn’t and isn’t really using Diclegis, it makes the fact that she is shilling a chemical product to pregnant women that she’s never even used that much worse.

6. She doesn’t seem to have the usual reaction to Diclegis

All Images: Us magazine

Despite the fact that the drug is basically a combination of “B-6 and Unisom” and causes extreme drowsiness, according to one commenter who uses it, Kardashian doesn’t seem to be slowing down. It’s raising more red flags about the validity of her claims.

Sadly, it appears that Kardashian isn’t telling the truth about some aspects of her experience and it’s causing people to believe that she didn’t use IVF, doesn’t have morning sickness and possibly isn’t even really pregnant at all.

What do you think? Is Kardashian telling the truth about her pregnancy?

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