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RHONY‘s Luann de Lesseps addresses the Heather Thomson casting rumors

Would Luann de Lesseps miss her costar if Heather Thomson leaves the show? The answer is surprising.

Maybe Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps isn’t feuding with her costar Heather Thomson after all — or if she is, it is officially the most chill feud ever. That wouldn’t be surprising, since de Lesseps, better known as the Countess, is notoriously laid-back. It was her super-cool attitude that triggered Thomson’s ire in the first place. When People asked the Countess how she felt about Thomson possibly leaving RHONY, she genuinely seemed to want her frenemy to stick around.

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“I think she wants to be more with her family, and she’s got a huge business to run, so I get it!” the Countess told People. “This show takes up a lot of time and energy. It’s a big job. And you know, I would be sorry to see her go. There is some sort of meeting of minds between us.”

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That meeting equals reality-show gold, as the now infamous Turks and Caicos vacation episode revealed. The beef between Thomson and the Countess began when the Countess and some of the other housewives brought men back to the house, and one ended up sleeping in the buff in the room next door to Thomson. The girl’s weekend took a turn for Thomson after she confronted the other women — who thought she was overreacting — and her feud with the Countess, who told her to “be cool, don’t be all, like, uncool,” took off. The moment supposedly inspired the Countess to write the pop song “Girl Code.”

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Right now, there is no confirmation that the rumors that Thomson is leaving the show are true. Hopefully, the busy businesswoman and mother of two will stick around. Would RHONY be half as much fun without her butting heads with the Countess? No one wants these two ladies’ minds to stop meeting just yet.

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