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15 Classic Clueless quotes we’ve all come to love

In 1995, Paramount’s Clueless overtook movie theaters across the country. Now, 20 years later, we are still quoting the film, and we decided to round up a few of our favorite moments from the movie.

1. Obviously, I had to start with this classic

Image: Giphy

This moment is forever seared into my brain.

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2. Haven’t we all had those experiences? Just me?

Image: Giphy

I only just saw Twin Peaks this past year — and this scene just got a lot more intense for me.

3. Isn’t the quote “social suicide”? Oh, wait, wrong movie

Image: Giphy

In my defense, people quote both Clueless and Mean Girls all the time.

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4. That time Cher quotes her art history course

Image: Giphy

Thinking of the water lilies, right?

5. That’s a phase?

Image: Giphy

I know way too many people who are still stuck in it.

6. Eyes on the road, Cher!

Image: Giphy

I still cringe while watching this.

7. I want Dionne as my driving instructor

Image: Giphy

She’s definitely optimistic.

8. More honest words have never been spoken

Image: Giphy

When’s the last time you heard someone say that?

9. The most heartbreaking moment in the entire movie

Image: Giphy

That moment when you realize how much you actually cared about Cher.

10. Ah, true friendship

Image: Giphy

And, yet, they really did have a beautiful friendship.

11. Thanks, Cher, everything’s clear now

Image: Giphy


12. I still haven’t forgiven Tai

Image: Giphy

Whoa — that’s a burn if I ever heard one.

13. I think this is what they called girl power

Image: Giphy

Cher definitely knew how to stand up for herself.

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14. I just can’t get past the outfit

Image: Giphy

Is that a feather boa?

15. Sure, Cher. Sure…

Clueless gif paused


We’ve all made that excuse.

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