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Comedian D.L. Hughley makes insensitive comments about Caitlyn Jenner (VIDEO)

Comedians constantly walk the line between funny and offensive. I firmly believe that making light of certain situations can add insight and understanding to sensitive topics when done correctly. And D.L. Hughley majorly fails.

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In fact, his recent comments about Caitlyn Jenner don’t even seem to be an attempt at humor. Instead, they are ignorant, ill-willed statements society shouldn’t take as acceptable. Rather than bringing an intelligent voice to the conversation, Hughley just seemed intent on bringing Jenner down when asked about her Arthur Ashe award at the ESPYs during an interview with TMZ.

“This week we had the media telling us that Caitlyn Jenner was beautiful and that Serena Williams looked like a man. That was a little weird to me. The man looks like a woman and the woman looks like a man? That’s ridiculous. I think Serena is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen on a tennis court, and Bruce Jenner looks like every P.E. teacher I’ve ever had.”

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He then went on to tweet the following.

His comments prove the need for some serious education on LGBT topics. Not only does he refer to her as “Bruce,” which is inconsiderate given Jenner’s decision to transition, he also still refers to her with the improper pronouns as a man.

Living in ignorance like this when it is such a prevalent matter is unacceptable. Not only should Hughley apologize, he should take steps to understand a community that has been persecuted in much the same way blacks were discriminated against in the past, something Hughley himself brings up that Ashe knew well.

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“Well, I think that it is named after Arthur Ashe,” Hughley said when he was asked about Jenner being honored. “Arthur Ashe is from Richmond, Virginia. He was a symbol of courage. He fought the segregated South — a very segregated profession. He fought AIDS with dignity and honor, and Caitlyn Jenner put on a dress.”

It’s close-minded views of the world like Hughley’s that limit the potential for human happiness and love in the world by failing to understand the beauty that comes with living the life you want to without judgement or restrictions.

Jenner didn’t just put on a dress. She chose to be who she truly was on the inside, no matter the consequences. She chose to stand up and let her transition be seen and heard despite the scrutiny, for the sake of all the others, young and old, who are struggling with her. She chose happiness and truth over fear and silence. Jenner put on a dress and shared her story with the world, no matter the consequences. That seems like the epitome of courage to me.

Watch the full TMZ interview with Hughley below.

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