10 Most underrated celebrity stories from this week that you have to read

There were quite a few larger stories that broke this week in the entertainment world.

TLC officially canceled the ever-controversial 19 Kids and CountingScott Disick dared to show his face in Los Angeles since his split with Kourtney Kardashian and — even worse — hang out with a “gaggle of women” before seeing his three kids; and Loretta Young’s children revealed the shocking truth about their mother’s relationship with Clark Gable.

But while entertainment lovers across the world were busy eating up the biggest celebrity news, there were quite a few worth-the-read stories that slid right under everyone’s radar.

While you’re enjoying some well-deserved time off this weekend, take a couple of minutes to read our 10 most underrated celebrity stories of the week. At the very least, it’ll give you some new material to discuss over the water jug Monday morning.

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Lady Gaga was the most recent victim of cyberbullying and slut-shaming

She posted three super-hot photos, flaunting her toned bod and, of course, was attacked by a ton of haters. We have no idea what photos they were looking at, because she looked amazing.

Laverne Cox revealed her opinions on cultural appropriation and Kylie Jenner’s cornrows

Up until now, Laverne Cox has stayed pretty quiet when it comes to cultural appropriation, but after all the backlash targeted towards Kylie Jenner and her cornrows, Cox felt inclined to respond — and eloquently explained what the problem really was.

Sinead O’Conner called Kim Kardashian some nasty names and tried to start a boycott

Not everyone was a fan of Kim Kardashian’s Rolling Stone cover, but Sinead O’Connor may have taken her disapproval a little too far, tweeting profanities and putting unfair blame on the reality star.

Cara Delevingne responded to Vogue‘s homphobic remarks

If you don’t remember, Vogue called Delevingne’s bisexuality just “a phase.” Well, that didn’t sit too well with the model-turned-movie star, who addressed the controversy in a new interview.

Taylor Swift invited one of her famous friends to her concert, but the whole experience fueled insecurity

I mean… no matter how famous you are, how would you feel being a “normal” 5’3” woman forced to stand next to four long-legged supermodels who know how to pose?

Miley Cyrus was shamed for sharing a Lady and the Tramp-inspired photo with her rumored new girlfriend

There were unnecessary comments about her sexuality… all over what really seemed like a sweet and innocent (yes, Miley is capable of being innocent) photo.

Brad Pitt showed of his new tattoo, which is chock-full of sentimentality

Sure, the permanent ink on his right forearm looks strange to some, but no one can deny how sweet the meaning of the tattoo is.

JJ Lane from the current season of The Bachelorette was violently attacked leaving the Men Tell All after party

This story was nuts. Lane and a crew member were attacked by an angry gang, and one super-ripped man who was booted off the show had to break up the fight. Both Lane and the crew member sustained some pretty serious injuries.

Britney Spears was overwhelmingly accused of getting a nose job

While we couldn’t take our eyes off her sexy ESPYs dress, other viewers were shocked and certain that she was debuting a new nose job.

What was your top or favorite entertainment story of the week? Let us know in the comments below!

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