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Scott Disick’s back in LA being even more reckless than before

While Kourtney Kardashian has been taking care of their three children, Scott Disick wasted no time making waves during his first days back in Los Angeles.

Disick has always played the bad boy role on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but he is taking things to a whole other level with his latest antics.

Is he acting out worse now in the wake of the official breakup from longtime girlfriend and baby mama Kourtney? Or has his behavior always been this bad and we just didn’t have this spotlight on him as closely. Disick was spotted back in Los Angeles recently and on his worst behavior yet.

After he moved out of his family’s home (or, should I say, a woman moved some of his belongings out of the couple’s mansion), he was spotted moving into a $3.2 million investment property.

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On Thursday, a gaggle of women, as well as the rapper Mally Mall, were seen arriving at Disick’s new digs. The model-esque women were caught taking selfies outside his pad among exotic sports cars and other high-end vehicles. At one point during the day, Disick received a delivery of several Alec Monopoly paintings, worth over $20,000 each.

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The gathering is the exclamation point on a long line of erratic and dangerous behavior from a man some say is on the “bender of his life.” Another source told Us Weekly, “Scott is running off the rails. He can’t keep going like this. It’s scary.”

He has reportedly entered and left rehab facilities several times. Most recently, on July 5 in Florida, he entered a facility but left after only six hours. This bad behavior comes on the heels of him missing his daughter’s birthday and it seems (based on both his and Kourtney’s social media accounts) he might not even have seen his children yet.

Is he spiraling out of control? Tell us what you think in the comments

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