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Teen Mom‘s Maci Bookout reveals a secret about being a reality TV star

In her upcoming memoir, Bulletproof, Maci Bookout reveals that just because she’s a reality TV star doesn’t mean she’s making a lot of money.

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“Reality TV can make you very famous, but you basically get the s*** end of the deal: Everyone knows your name and talks about you, but there’s no red-carpet prestige or glamorous piles of money,” she writes, according to Radar Online. “Once you become a so-called reality TV star, people immediately think you’re a high-end celebrity and you travel the world and have a mansion and so much money and all these other things they associate with having your face on television.”

In fact, the Tennessee mother of two reveals she’s barely scraping by. Bookout even admits she’s been using her 1.36 million Twitter followers to sell her tweets — a tactic many other reality TV stars, like the Kardashians, also employ.

“The fact is, my real life isn’t that much different from what it would have been without MTV,” Bookout revealed. “I still live in Chattanooga and go to Wal-Mart [sic] and buy bread and milk.”

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But here’s where the huge red flag comes into play: Bookout was reportedly given a lien by the IRS because she failed to pay nearly $80,000 in taxes from 2011.

If she owes $80,000, then her paychecks can’t, realistically, be that small.

While the girls reportedly only made about $5,000 for the first season of Teen Mom, since then their salaries have increased significantly due to the show’s success. While exact salary figures are unknown, some reports have said the girls make up to $120,000 per season.

Definitely not enough to make them fabulously wealthy, but enough for a decent living.

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With all of this information in mind, it’s unclear if Bookout really is struggling or she just doesn’t know how to invest properly and save her money.

On the upside, her money troubles have caused her to look into building a future for herself.

“Since I took to it so well, I started looking into the prospect of becoming a social media specialist,” she said.

Do you think Maci Bookout is exaggerating her Teen Mom money woes?

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