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Fuller House: The Steve and DJ reunion of our dreams could be happening

Fuller House just got way more interesting (and who knew that was even possible?): Steve is back. That’s right, Steve as in Steve and DJ. Go ahead and squeal, you know you want to.

Remember all those times you doodled “DJ and Steve are forever” in your high school notebooks? You were totally psychic because it turns out Scott Weinger (Steve) was at the first Fuller House table read. Since it was announced that DJ’s late husband was a firefighter and not the beloved Steve, fans have kept hope alive that the high school sweethearts would find a way back to each other. With Weinger on board, the likelihood of a Steve/DJ reunion is looking promising.

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Weinger seemed beyond happy to let the world know Steve, the formerly ravenous wrestler, is back to raid more fridges on Fuller House. Not only did he proudly tweet his script, but he also gave it the best caption. “This is not a drill people,” Weinger wrote. “This is happening!”

We have a good idea about what DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy’s lives have been like since Fuller House ended, but Steve’s backstory has not been revealed. The last time Steve appeared on the show he accompanied DJ to her senior prom, even though they had broken up. They likely went their separate ways after that, which could make their reunion all the more powerful. Fingers crossed he never married, or if he did, that his spouse is currently an ex. It’s not that we want Steve to be unhappy; it’s just that we want him to be happy with DJ — and her little boys.

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Given how recent the death of DJ’s husband is, there’s no way she and Steve would immediately rekindle their romance. She has her kids to think of, after all, but a slow burn reunion is even better. It could take seasons for these crazy kids to find their way back to each other, but there will be no complaining here. What is more romantic than watching a classic TV couple reconnect almost two decades after the show went off the air? The answer to that question is, “Nothing.”

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Let your DJ/Steve shipper flag fly high today. Fuller House is definitely out to make all of our Full House fan fiction dreams come true. Now, let’s just hope Weinger and Candace Cameron Bure still have that sweet spark — not that they could ever truly lose it, they did make quite the couple on ABC’s now-defunct The Neighbors when they guest-starred. Face it, this is the most awesome news you are going to get today.

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