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New female-driven Twilight mini-movies get unexpected reactions (VIDEOS)

Last year, Stephenie Meyer collaborated with Women in Film, Lionsgate and Tongal to launch a contest that would showcase female filmmaking talent — and whet Twihards’ appetites. These female-driven films are bold, creative and twisted, and anything but chick flicks.

The contest, The Storytellers: New Voices of The Twilight Saga, pulled in 1,300 scripts and 150 director pitches, but only seven films made the final cut. These finalists — seven female directors and eight female screenwriters — debuted their mini-movies on Monday night, walking down the red carpet with Meyer, of course.

“It’s been really exciting to do something, maybe not on a huge scale, but on a small scale to get more female voices out there,” Stephenie Meyers said at the premiere, according to Entertainment Weekly.

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The shorts were released to the public on Tuesday via The Twilight Saga‘s Facebook page. You can check out all seven of them and vote now for your favorites — but we won’t be the only ones with a say in who takes the $100,000 prize. Kristen Stewart, Kate Winslet, Octavia Spencer and Jennifer Lee (director of Frozen) are just a few others who’ll be judging the contest.

However, fans are already taking to Facebook and voicing their opinions, particularly on these two:

The Groundskeeper

OK, we know fans can be very protective of their favorite stories (cough, Game of Thrones, cough), but some of these comments are just plain harsh.

Twilight mini movies - fan comment

Image: Facebook/Tatiana Vinzant

twilight mini movies - fan comment

Image: Facebook/Stephanie Molina-Torres

twilight mini movies - fan comment

Image: Facebook/Bill Giso

twilight mini movies - fan comment

Image: Facebook/Jazmin Nerey

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On the other hand, there is lots of positive support for the mini-movies, with several comments asking for extended versions and if the films will eventually be made into feature length. Consumed, in particular, tugged on some heartstrings.

Twilight mini movie — fan comment

Image: Facebook/Alexis Alferez Dulce

Twilight mini movie — fan comment

Image: Facebook/Nichelle Coe

Twilight mini movie — fan comment

Image: Facebook/Tina Schwabe

Twilight mini movie — fan comment

Image: Facebook/Marisa Sammons

Decide for yourself and don’t forget to vote!

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