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President Obama defines rape amid questions on Bill Cosby scandal (VIDEO)

Bill Cosby’s supporters are now few and far between as Whoopi Goldberg recently changed her stance on his innocence, and his former costar, Joseph C. Phillips, who played Cosby’s son-in-law on The Cosby Show, wrote a passionate blog earlier this week post titled, “Of Course Bill Cosby Is Guilty!” And now, even President Barack Obama has been asked to share his thoughts on the scandal.

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Speaking during a White House press conference on Wednesday, the president was asked whether he had plans to rescind Bill Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Freedom — according to CNN, former President George W. Bush awarded the comedian the medal on June 21, 2002.

“There’s no precedent for revoking a medal, we don’t have that mechanism,” Obama explained. “And as you know, I tend to make it a policy not to comment on the specifics of cases where there might still be, if not criminal, then civil issues involved.”

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But Obama did weigh in on what constitutes as rape, saying, “I will say this: If you give a woman — or a man for that matter —without his or her knowledge a drug, and then have sex with that person without consent, that’s rape.”

“And I think this country, any civilized country, should have no tolerance for rape.”

Earlier this month, documents from a 2005 lawsuit filed by former Temple University employee Andrea Constand came to light, in which she accused Cosby of sexual assault. The documents detail how Cosby admitted under oath to giving Quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with.

Watch the video below.

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