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Kendra Wilkinson shows the world the real her, flaws and all (PHOTO)

Have you ever wondered how celebrity moms look so darn good? Well, it turns out they have secret tricks just like the rest of us, as Kendra Wilkinson recently proved.

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On Wednesday, Wilkinson reposted a photo of herself and her friend Jessica Hall, which shows their post-baby weight struggles — something many moms can relate to.

The photo’s caption reads, “#Repost@iamjessicahall with @repostapp. Rolling around hollywood flaunting our flaws @kendra_wilkinson_baskett sporting her Sucker inners and I’m using my ponytail holder to hold my shorts together#momproblems #kendraontop.” And there are a lot of women who are feeling inspired by this relatable picture.

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Comments include, “I love this! Thank you for posting this. So real and beautiful!@kendra_wilkinson_baskett@iamjessicahall,” “This has just made my day xx u guys are awesome,” “Real mom problems, haha love it!” and “Love love love this!!!!!! Keeping it real!! We all have the same struggles!!!!”

“This is the best 🙂 you two are just like every other woman with “flaws” thanks for helping other women feel comfortable in their own skin @kendra_wilkinson_baskett@iamjessicahall,” another fan wrote.

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We applaud Wilkinson and Hall for sharing this picture, reminding us all that no one is perfect, not even celebrities. We also love the message they are conveying to women everywhere: Embrace your “flaws” because they are beautiful and certainly not something to be ashamed of.

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