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Celeb 101: 10 Things you didn’t know about SYTYCD‘s tWitch

We all got to know Stephen “tWitch” Boss pretty well in Magic Mike XXL, thanks to that sparkly silver thong, but there’s more to the dancer than just his rockin’ bod.

We chatted with tWitch about all the fun facts you may not know about the dancer turned actor.

1. He hates his feet

We asked tWitch about his biggest insecurity and he responded, right off the bat, “my bare feet.”

“They’re like dragon feet. They’re like hobbit feet,” he said. And when we asked to see them, he responded in all seriousness, “I would never disrespect you like that.”

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2. His first kiss story is adorable

“My first kiss was in kindergarten. It was during nap time, and I kissed Olivia, who was in my class. We pretended like we were asleep and we kissed under the covers. And I had no idea how to kiss but I remember seeing on soap operas that they used to turn their head a lot.” At this, tWitch mimicked the motion and said he “tried to make it interesting” when kissing Olivia.

We’re going to go ahead and assume his technique has improved since then.

3. He has a strange sweet tooth

His weirdest but favorite food combination is “peanut butter and Twizzlers. Delicious!” tWitch told us. And we actually think that could be pretty good.

4. He has a scar with significance

“This is not really a funny story, but I got in my first car accident when I was a senior in high school, probably a couple months after I got my driver’s license. I got hit by somebody that ran a red light. So this is, like, forever a memory to remember to drive safe.”

The scar is located on the top right of his forehead. You probably won’t even be able to see it unless you look really closely.

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5. He recently lived a dream of his, and it was more like a nightmare

“A reoccurring dream I have is something that I actually just lived out in Magic Mike. It’s standing naked before millions of people and not being able to do anything but stand there.”

He reports that he was definitely as scary as he thought it would be — “and then some.”

tWitch said the movie showcases everything but the “bare essentials.”

And though he’s in super-great shape, he said, “It never preps you. I don’t care what kind of shape you’re in, you’re like, ‘I’m naked right now.'”

tWitch said the other guys felt the same way, despite the fact that they’d done the first movie. “We just kind of kept eyes on each other. We were just kind of like, ‘I’m here with you,’ and then once they yelled cut, we ran to the robes.”

6. He had a sad fear as a child

“I was actually scared of dogs as a kid,” tWitch revealed. “But I got over that. I am a dog person. But dogs used to scare me. They were so big and they could run so fast. I thought that I could outrun anything as a child until I met a dog.”

Fear conquered, though.

“We’re good now,” tWitch continued. He has two dogs with wife Allison Holker.

7. He isn’t afraid to admit Channing Tatum is attractive

He said his favorite Channing Tatum feature “is the jawline, the chiseled jaw. I’m going to go with that because that’s, like, the first thing I thought about. I mean, it helps with the smile.”

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8. He cried in a recent movie

Still Alice,” tWitch admitted, made him tear up.

In case you missed it, Still Alice is a 2014 movie starring Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin. It tells the story of a linguistics professor who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

9. He gives back to the community

The main causes he supports are “human trafficking [and] arts to the youths — getting arts back into schools,” tWitch said about his philanthropic passions.

10. His dream is to be an actor

tWitch revealed his big goal “is to be in movies as straight acting, nothing dance attached. That’s what I’m studying to do right now.”

We think he’s well on his way.

Which fact about tWitch surprises you most?

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