Kate Middleton’s fans aren’t happy about ‘pity’ article

An article published in today’s Daily Mail has come under attack for its suggestion that Kate Middleton should worry about Prince William’s new colleague, Dr. Gemma Mullen.

In her article, entitled “This foxy flying doc makes me pity Kate,” columnist Sarah Vine admits to feeling sorry for the Duchess of Cambridge after seeing photos of Dr. Mullen. Vine speculates that Dr. Mullen, 33, is “a more fun version of Kate” and that she is “basically a reminder [to Prince William] of how much more exciting life was B.C. — before children.”

Vine also gives a bizarre description of Kate as being “under house arrest, lactating like a prize Friesian,” while William goes to work with his “glamorous new colleague.”

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Loyal fans of the young royal couple have taken to social media to express their disgust at the article, branding the piece as “rubbish” and “ludicrously suggestive.” Some have started referring to the columnist as “Sarah Vile.”

We seriously doubt the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are losing any sleep over the column. As a young royal couple, they’ll always have the eyes of the world (and its media) upon them, ready to speculate and fill the pages of newspapers.

The notion that Prince William would have his head turned by a woman who vaguely resembles his wife is laughable. What’s more grating is the fact that the article warns that “a young father savouring his first taste of freedom since the birth of his second child […] needs to tread carefully.” Isn’t it possible that any man in this position adores his wife and children, and doesn’t rejoice that he can go to work to escape the chains of family life, but longs to return to them?

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