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Amy Schumer’s Star Wars spread crowned best thing on the web today (PHOTOS)

GQ found its newest cover girl in funny lady Amy Schumer, dubbing her the funniest woman in the galaxy. And we’re not sure why, but her photoshoot comes laden with Star Wars references.

CNBC’s Josh Brown put it best: Amy Schumer’s Princess Leia look really is the best thing on the internet today. Schumer will be on the cover of August’s issue of GQ, set to release on Monday. So far, very little is known about what’s inside the cover. We’re not even sure what inspired these geek-tastic pictures. All will be revealed next week, it seems.

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We do know, though, that once again Schumer is proving you can be funny and sexy at the same time. The pictures are every bit as provocative as you’d expect from a Schumer photo shoot. From orally pleasuring a lightsaber to sucking on C3PO’s fingers, Schumer is putting it all out there in an effort to prove sex sells… and that she can still be funny and smart while wearing a Slave Leia bikini. In the photos we’ve seen, Schumer also spent time in a limo with Yoda and a Wookie. She then hit a cool, seedy bar and danced atop the counter while surrounded by an onslaught of characters from our galaxy and beyond.

We do know Schumer teamed up with GQ during her promotional blitz for the new film Trainwreck, starring Schumer, Bill Hader and, um, LeBron James. The hilarious rom-com hits theaters on Friday, much to the dismay of boyfriends everywhere. This nerdy shoot, much like a trainwreck, is hard to ignore. Perhaps while Schumer shows off what her mama gave her, a few dudes will be more willing to go see the film.

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Here’s what GQ‘s twitter account has shared with fans already:

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