Jessica Simpson harshly body-shamed for looking ‘old’ (PHOTOS)

Jessica Simpson’s new bikini photo has elicited a slew of Internet hate for a super-strange reason.

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In the photo, Simpson has her arms splayed against a wall, showing off a white bikini and some seriously sexy curves. Uh, we want to know how she got her boobs to look like that in a swimsuit of all things! She complements the suit with some lacy white wedges, an oversized pair of white sunglasses and some pale pink lipstick. Her hair is styled in a beach-sexy tousled updo.

A lot of commenters are saying Simpson looks like Pamela Anderson in the photo, which, thank you very much, right?

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But, surprisingly, the comments aren’t meant as compliments in the least.

Instead, people are throwing double insults by attacking Simpson while also dragging Anderson through the mud, saying Simpson looks like an old and rough Anderson.

Jessica Simpson Instagram comment

Jessica Simpson Instagram comment

Jessica Simpson Instagram comment

Jessica Simpson Instagram comment

It never ceases to amaze me how harsh and judgmental people can be. Simpson is absolutely gorgeous! She has two kids and still manages to maintain her Hollywood body — not an easy feat! We can all only hope to look as good after having babies. Girl has legs for days!

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Of course, the best way to combat the Internet hate is to just ignore it, and Simpson seems to be doing just that, enjoying her fabulous beach vacation with her friends and family and posting more seriously sexy photos along the way.

Get it, girl!


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