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Josh Duggar’s fans are angry he’s absent from yet another family photo

Amy Duggar recently got engaged to her longtime beau, Dillon King, and her extended family is thrilled with the news. In fact, they all got together to take a picture to commemorate the occasion, all that is, except Josh Duggar.

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The eldest son of the Duggar household was once again glaringly absent in the family’s group picture, and fans are starting to call the family out for this. Yes, it’s no secret why the Duggar household might want to leave Josh out of their pictures, but could the reason they are doing so be because they don’t want to let go of their fame? Some fans certainly seem to think so.

“Where’s Josh?? He should be with the rest of the family!” one commenter wrote. Other commenters agreed, saying, “I like how josh is continently [sic] absent from the group shoot,” “Where Josh? We miss Josh!” and “Congratulations to Amy and Dillon! I love seeing photos of the family — sorry that Joshua is being left out of public photos. We love him too.”

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“Please don’t leave Josh out of photos because of the haters I can tell he has changed and is a good man,” another fan wrote.

There are also those fans who are starting to feel as though Josh has been left out for reasons relating to fame and fortune.

“Congrats Amy! I hope the duggars [sic] don’t make a habit of leaving Josh out and this was just the situation of the moment. Don’t remove a relative for fame to support the haters, as you will lose the fans that love you for all your family values,” an upset fan wrote.

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While many people would find it very inappropriate for Josh to be seen on social media at this time, could his family be leaving him out because they are worried about how his appearance would affect his fame? Or do you think it’s another reason entirely?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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