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Kim Zolciak flaunts her breasts — much to her haters’ disapproval (PHOTOS)

Kim Zolciak is no stranger to social media backlash, and she’s probably come to expect it by now, especially when she posts pictures of herself in a bikini and informs her fans that she’s pleased with her boob job (and may we say, ample cleavage).

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And why shouldn’t she be? The great thing about the The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is that she is very open and honest about the work that she’s had done, and she does not try to hide anything from the public — which is actually quite refreshing. But that hasn’t stopped her critics from leaving negative comments on her new picture.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the mom of six posted a picture of herself in a bikini, along with the caption, “Was taking selfies waiting for hubby to tie the boat up and I’m feeling very blessed. I love to share with you guys what and who I adore!! I’m so thankful for my tatas that @drhochstein did !!! I breastfed allllll [sic] 6 of my babies and he turned them back into my 16yr old tatas if not better!!”

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Zolciak has probably learned to develop a thick skin, and she’d have to with comments from critics such as, “Hate you. Mean it, “…This is one extremely insecure broad” and “You have got to be the dumbest bitch !!!! I swear.”

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Clearly, not everyone is a fan of the boob doctor, but we don’t think Zolciak will be losing any sleep over these hateful comments anyway.

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