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Ryan Seacrest weighs in on Scott Disick’s KUWTK future

Ryan Seacrest talks Kourtney and Scott’s breakup.

He helped launch them and their family into the reality TV stratosphere and now he is weighing in on their high-profile break-up and if we will see Scott in any future Keeping Up with the Kardashians episodes.

Since their official breakup and Disick’s move out of the family home, many celebrities have spoken up about the couple’s split.

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Seacrest, who created the show on the E! network and is the executive producer, said he isn’t sure Scott is off the show. He said during a Today show interview, “The show is reality, so whatever happens, happens in real time. But obviously you hate to see a split with people that you know and the family that you know and love, so hopefully things can work out for the best for them.”

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While we might not believe Seacrest when he says everything on reality TV is reality, we do agree with him when he said, “Never a dull moment in that world.”

The now-split couple has been an explosive part of the show during their on-again, off-again nine-year relationship and has three children, the youngest of whom is only 6 months old.

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