Serena Williams responds to haters, telling them ‘you win’ (VIDEO)

Despite what you might believe, Serena Williams is human.

She is but a mere mortal! Although her seemingly superhuman tennis skills, rock hard body and fierce style make her seem like she’s out of this world. After facing unbelievable body-shaming following her sixth win at Wimbledon on Tuesday, she posted a video to her Instagram basically telling the haters, “OK fine, you win… a little.”

Williams posted a very tongue-in-cheek video showing her getting her eyebrows shaped after getting some flack online for the size of her brows.

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She did let the haters know she was laughing with them though, captioning the video, “Lol finally getting them shaped! hahahha #haters I love you!!! Hahah but I still like them all natural! But for now you win lol.”

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To show you just how serious she has taken all this body-shaming she posted a rockin’, sexy selfie showing off some major cleavage in a bikini top snap of her laying on the beach during an overseas vacation. She captioned the hater-stopping photo, “Beach day in Sweden #SerenaSlam #renasarmy.”

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Beach day in Sweden #SerenaSlam #renasarmy

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We’ll just go ahead and say what you’re thinking: Haters gonna hate.

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