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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans called ‘tacky’ and ‘nasty’ over racy new bikini pics

Jenelle Evans is certainly one of the most controversial Teen Mom stars, but the latest reaction to her pictures was completely uncalled for and just downright nasty.

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Evans took to Instagram on Monday to post two pictures of her bikini body, and we have to say she’s looking really good after having two boys (even if she hadn’t had kids, she still looks good).

“must get tanner. Thanks@betweenseasons for this amazing bathing suit!” she captioned one of the shots. But her critics have blasted her for the pictures, branding her as “tacky” and “nasty.”

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Some of the hurtful comments include, “Your so gross!”, “this is the trashiest thing I’ve ever seen… Thank god your face is covered though @j_evans8209” and “Nasty Ho!”

We’re not sure what’s so offensive about posting a picture in your bikini. But some critics are having a great time ripping Evans for it. One particularly harsh commenter said, “Ewww so nasty I don’t even know where to begin. Ugly tattoos ugly body. U look like shit cover it up.”

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Evans’ tattoos are a matter of personal preference, and if you don’t like them, no one is forcing you to. However, shaming her body is a completely different matter.

Although, we would just like to point out something very positive about one of the pictures: We have spotted a ring on her engagement finger. Could this mean that Evans and her beau, Nathan Griffith, are getting back together?

Fans certainly seem to think so. Comments include, “You have your ring back on yay!!” and “I know she’s back with Nathan but are they engaged again coz she’s wearing the ring.”

Could Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith be back together again? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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