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Jessa Duggar’s husband shares controversial dating advice for single ladies

Jessa Duggar is happily married to her husband, Ben Seewald, and the former 19 Kids and Counting star is currently pregnant with their first child. We’re glad they’re happy, but we’re less happy that Seewald now fancies himself a bit of a love guru.

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Taking to Instagram on Monday, Seewald posted a picture of a couple lovingly gazing into each other’s faces, and he wrote a word of warning to all the single ladies out there.

“Ladies…watch out for dudes that want to date you, but have no intention whatsoever of any serious relationship. A lot of guys want to enjoy you and play with your heart and emotions with no commitment or responsibility on their part,” Seewald wrote.

He went on to share his thoughts about women giving their hearts and their bodies to someone who doesn’t really deserve their affections.

“They’re thinking ‘Why do I need to commit? I’m getting what I want…and when I get tired of her I’ll just move on to the next girl I can use.’ Just be careful girls. Don’t give away your heart or your body to someone who isn’t prepared to cherish you for the long haul,” he continued.

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It’s a strange and controversial message for Seewald to post — and there are clearly a lot of commenters who take issue with it — but his post does appear to be coming from a place of love, even if his views are pretty one-sided. Commenters say Seewald should preach this message to men, or realize some women also just want a casual relationship.

“Why are we telling young women to watch out for men? Why aren’t we teaching boys to respect women? It is never a girls [sic] responsibility to make sure a guy doesn’t hurt her…” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter shared similar views, telling Seewald that women should not be held responsible for a man’s mistake.

“Hey kid maybe u should preach this to men. Tell men they should be responsible for their actions and shouldn’t take women for granted. Women shouldn’t be the only that is held responsible for a man’s mistake. Thanks but no thanks for the advice kid. God doesn’t tell me to have a kid right away and to be “self-employed”, [sic] I rather be someone who wants to find someone who has the same goals and beliefs as I do,” the comment reads.

And what about those women who want a casual relationship? Do they not have just as much right as a man to have one?

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One commenter certainly thinks they do, and she decided to tell Seewald as much. She wrote, “ben seewald, [sic] you dimwit little child…can you possibly apprehend, [sic] that us ladies, like to do with men, enjoy ourselves, even love them, without having to ‘commit’?! God:) made so many wonderful people, each different, imagine how you are going to miss out:) both of you… but than [sic] again — you can’t. your brain is in a nutshell.”

Are you offended by Ben Seewald’s comments, too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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