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Donut shop owners make decision in Ariana Grande licking case

Ariana Grande got really lucky.

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The “Problem” singer recently sparked controversy when a surveillance video surfaced online showing her standing at the counter of Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California, yelling that she hates America and (disgustingly) licking the unsold donuts on the store’s counter when employees weren’t looking.

Now, Michael Vasquez, deputy sheriff at Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, reportedly told People magazine that the shop’s owners “declined to press criminal charges against Ms. Grande.” She owes them big time.

Grande did apologize for the incident, but ultimately, her actions damaged the store — the video spurred an investigation by police and public health officials that ultimately resulted in Wolfee Donuts receiving a “B” grade from the health inspector. The shop reportedly violated a California state law that requires all food to be kept in a protected area away from customers.

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Joe Marin, the owner of Wolfee Donuts, explained the bakery’s policy to People.

“We got a B because the donuts were on top of the tray, and we were actually stocking up,” he said. “My employees kept going in the back and grabbing some more… they were minor things: little, tiny, minor things that were fixed in three days.”

Marin also told the magazine that Wolfee will have a follow-up inspection later this week.

We can’t help but think it’s kind of unfair that the donut shop suffered from a lower grade in its health inspection, yet Grande isn’t facing any consequences for her part in the scandal. Then again, though, maybe Marin figured all is forgiven since the publicity has reportedly tripled his shop’s business.

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Do you think it’s fair that Ariana Grande won’t face charges in this case? Or do you think all the bad press was punishment enough for the singer? Head down to the comments and share your take.

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