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The Affair trailer is a mess — but makes us so excited for Season 2 (VIDEO)

The Affair is getting ready to steam up our screens once more with compelling he said/she said drama.

The Affair left us with more questions than answers at the end of Season 1, but staying mad at Showtime’s maddeningly twisty mystery/love story is as impossible as denying Joshua Jackson’s inherit hotness. Season 2 is still a few months away, but seeing how Noah and Alison move forward with their relationship now that the story of how they got together is out in the open would be worth sacrificing summer for. At least the new trailer gives us a nice, long peek back into this tantalizingly messy world.

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The big question of who killed Scott is still hanging over the series and hopefully it will get wrapped up sooner rather than later. As much fun as the mystery is, it has nothing on the dueling perspectives of Alison and Noah. Interestingly, the trailer suggests this season will also bring stories told from Cole and Helen’s perspectives. There are scenes of Cole and Helen alone throughout the trailer, which means the narrative scope of the world is expanding to include the spouses who were left behind.

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Poor Helen had a rough year last season, thanks to being seen exclusively through the eyes of the man who left her and the woman he left her for, so seeing the story from her point of view is going to be refreshing. Sure, her family is awful, but she is a wonderful mother and was a good wife to Noah. She had to deal with a lot of his unwarranted man-pain and, without that baggage, she will have a chance to really shine.

Then there’s Cole. He does not look like he is in the best place in Season 2. Is it adjusting to life without Alison that has him acting so reckless or is he hiding some darker instincts? Jackson was so good at playing Alison and Noah’s versions of Cole last season that adding another layer to his performance can only mean good things for The Affair. Just how dark is Cole going to get, though? He is the character to watch in Season 2.

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Does the trailer have you dreaming of fall? Share your theories on who killed Scott and your hopes for Season 2 below.

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