Teen Mom Farrah Abraham accused of getting botched plastic surgery on purpose

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is one of the most controversial cast members of the series.

From other cast members walking off because of her to her constant Twitter rants lashing out against the other cast members, she seems to always have a need to be in the spotlight. Or so fans and critics seem to think.

We know that she is a big fan of plastic surgery. So much so that she wants to pursue a career in the field, but when she appeared on E!’s Botched for the problems she had with a recent lip injection, fans started throwing up red flags.

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Regarding going to see the Botched doctors about the complications, Abraham said, “I was embarrassed to go in there. Admitting that I messed up on something that I love to do was a little harsh for me to confront at first, but I think it was good to share my story because it was on national headlines and news, so I wanted to show others so they don’t have the same complications.”

Abraham made her Botched appearance on Sunday night and now fans are claiming she may have done all of it as a publicity stunt to get more attention and appear on another reality TV show. One commenter said, “Yeah right! She got that ridiculous plastic surgery on her lips to have an excuse to be on ‘botched (sic).’ She, like many reality stars, is addicted to being on shows. They do ANYTHING for attention.” 

While that commenter thinks she did this for attention, others are quick to point out the fatal flaw in Abraham’s latest career plan. On the show she said, “I am starting licensing around January and then want to work up through cosmetics, aesthetics, everything up to plastic surgery and my Ph.D.”

Fans would like her to know… that’s the wrong kind of doctor.

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One commenter said, “Dont worry. She doesn’t know that you don’t get a PhD to do plastic surgery. We are safe (sic).” Another said, “Last I checked you need an MD to be a plastic surgeon. Shows how little she knows.”

While Abraham doesn’t give the explicit impression she did this “on purpose” just to extend her 15 minutes of fame, fans of the show and critics sure aren’t buying that she didn’t.

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