Once Upon a Time: 5 New fairy tale characters appearing on Season 5 (PHOTOS)

Jul 14, 2015 at 8:09 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, OUAT's producers, revealed lots of new information at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend — including these enchanting new characters we'll be seeing in Season 5.

The new season premieres on Sept. 27 and we can't wait for the twisted tales OUAT has to tell. But, until then, we'll just have to obsess over these five new cast members and dream about where their stories will lead. But beware: Lots of spoilers below!

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1. Merida

Amy Manson

Image: WENN

Played by: Amy Manson (Not Another Happy Ending, Atlantis)

Background: Princess Merida comes from the beloved animated Disney film Brave, of course! She is courageous, stubborn and is an ace with an arrow.

Prediction: Although some fans suspect Merida will turn out to be Rumple's mom, Natalie Abrams — senior reporter for Entertainment Weekly — denounces this theory, tweeting, "#OUAT scoop: Per E&A, Merida is not Rumple's mom. Casting sides were a red herring. Won't be seeing Rumple mom. At least for now. @OnceABC." We think she just might be teaming up with Robin Hood. They do have lots in common — oh, say, like archery — and YVRShoots does have pics of Robin Hood on her set. Yesterday, ABC launched a first look a Merida on YouTube.

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2. Merlin

Elliot Knight

Image: WENN

Played by: Elliot Knight (Sinbad)

Background: Merlin — the sorcerer originally from Disney's 1963 film The Sword and the Stone — actually debuted in Episode 19 of Season 4, but only as a voice.

Prediction: Well, we know Lily is Maleficent's daughter, but many are speculating that Merlin may be Lily's father. In Season 4's finale, Lily shows Emma the crescent moon necklace, which provides a link to who her father is. Could it be Merlin? We hope so. Oh, and we'll just throw one other thing out there: Legend has it that Merlin built Stonehenge — and that's Merida's stomping grounds. We see a path-crossing in their futures.

3. King Arthur

Liam Garrigan

Image: WENN

Played by: Liam Garrigan (The Legend of Hercules)

Background: Traditional tales tell us that King Arthur was, in fact, the one who pulled Merlin's sword from the stone. This act of fate is what made him king. However, his TV incarnation in OUAT is a bit unclear, as we do not know if the sword has yet been retrieved from the stone.

Prediction: This one's a toughy. But we do know two things. Firstly, according to Entertainment Weekly, the writers said this: "As we do on Once Upon a Time, we're doing our own twist on Camelot, on Arthur's background and on his relationships with Merlin, Guinevere and Lancelot." And secondly, his casting call searched for this: "A good and just ruler who, beneath the surface, is a master manipulator [... but...] harbors an eternal burning love for Guinevere that can lean toward being a bit... controlling." So, maybe Arthur won't be as honorable and gallant as he's cracked up to be? Hmmm...

4. Guinevere

Joana Metrass

Image: Joana Metrass Facebook

Played by: Joana Metrass (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)

Background: Guinevere is actually mentioned in Episode 3 of Season 2. She is said to have had some kind of "trouble" with Lancelot — one of King Arthur's knights, mind you — which got him kicked out of Camelot. That's kind of a big deal.

Prediction: In Season 5, she reigns as queen to King Arthur, but we have bets on a love triangle. Here's the proof in the pudding: Her casting call called for "a Latina in her mid-20s to mid-30s to play a headstrong queen who fell in love with her husband’s most trusted knight..."

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5. Percival

Andrew Jenkins in Supernatural

Image: The CW

Played by: Andrew Jenkins (Supernatural, Stormworld)

Background: Historically, Percival is said to be the most loyal knight of the round table. But what is he most famous for? His heroic quest for the Holy Grail!

Prediction: We can't help but get giddy at the mere possibility that there may be a Holy Grail pursuit this season. The only reference we have to it thus far was back in Episode 3 of Season 2. When Lancelot officiates the wedding of Snow and Charming, he says, "In my kingdom, there is a legend of a cup that has the power to grant eternal life." If we were to play a game of hot and cold right now, we'd be screaming, "Hot! Hot! Hot!"